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Growing traffic is our specialty crop here at Farm 6 Media. We're glad to see you taking your website's future into your own hands. Look around, stay a while, and learn what you can from our blog.

If you're ready to get started, we recommend starting with a website. If you have a website, then you need a strategy. That's where search analysis comes in.

Looking for Search Analysis with MORE?

We offer three tiers of search analysis to suit all needs and budgets. This service targets opportunities for your website to gain organic traffic.

We offer more than just search analysis.

We also offer competitively priced content writing, copywriting, and website setup and repair services.

Writing Services

We offer professional ghostwriting and copywriting services in several tiers to match any budget or size of project.


With a WordPress website, we can do just about anything. Let us know what you're after and we'll do the rest.


"This guy is the real deal. He is talented, generous and hard working. I have ordered multiple posts and am very pleased. The quality is above other services that I have used. I know good copy writing because for decades I owned an ad agency and have hired many writers. He is a good communicator, easy to work with and speedy too! Tell Jeremy I sent you."
"I have used Farm 6 to write content for a few of my websites and the team at Farm 6 has always done an excellent job of providing great content at a great price. They are excellent at communication and are always willing to go the extra mile. I would recommend their services to anyone."
"Fantastic Jeremy and yes the progress in keyword ranking is very apparent. Our organic traffic is also growing."
"Hi Jeremy Excellent work on the articles. Apart from putting some things into my own voice they remain pretty much as you wrote them. Many thanks from a happy customer!"
"Hi Christine, Another great list! Thanks so much."

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