Blog Booster Kit - 10 Article Pack

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The content writing service provides you with writers to ghostwrite a variety of things, including the following.

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Essays
  • Web page written content

In this blog kit, we will write 10 blog articles of your selected word count, in the quality tier of your choice.

How The Written Content Tiers Work

Farm 6 Media's writing team offers 3 tiers of writing:

  1. rough draft
  2. 2-pass edited
  3. optimized

Here's an explanation of each:

Rough Draft

Our writers do their best to create a great piece of content for you. Once the writer is complete, we pass the work to you. The writer may include lists and sources within the writing. There may be minor spelling and grammar that need correction. This tier does not provide free revisions.

2-Pass Edit

The rough draft goes from the writer to our editors. The content writing is proofread, facts are verified, and the written content has any grammar and spelling mistakes corrected. The writing may include lists or tables, as well as reputable sources included by the writer. This tier provides free revisions.

Fully Optimized

We'll include perfect stock images (one for every 1000 words), pre-optimized for the web, and provided in jpeg format. We'll include only reputable sources and data—our professionally trained in-house writing team crafts you mobile-ready, stellar content that keeps the reader on the page. We do a professional edit and ensure the work is search engine optimized (SEO). With free revisions, you have our guarantee that you'll get exactly what you want, with original dedicated research and 100% original writing.


Don't forget to send us your titles to and reference your order. If you need titles, check out our convenient search analysis services.