Keyword Research Services

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Three Tiers Of Keyword Research Service

1. Standard Tier

The Standard tier keyword research service offers a curated list of terms and phrases. We use our proprietary topic category tree mapping technique to create a vast array of opportunities that are whittled down for the best potential for your site.

We include the keywords/search terms, related queries, and suggested article titles (crafted by our copywriters to maximize click-through rate).


2. Premium Tier

The Premium tier keyword research service includes the Standard tier results, plus

  • Competitive publishing analysis
  • On-page publishing recommendations


3. Ultra Tier

The Ultra tier search analysis includes the Premium tier PLUS:

  • Individual term detailed reports including information about keywords ad spend
  • Traffic potential metrics from the big players in the SEO industry
  • Google Trends Analysis


All tiers come with a FREE BONUS article updating tracker at no additional cost.

Please Include Niche/Topic/URL in the order notes during checkout (we'd hate to recommend titles you already have). Read the KRS disclaimer here.